Books, magazines, exhibitions, research and study.

A assignment is usually performed starting from the research, which is essential. A search not only of images, but also of materials, printing techniques, finishes. For every single project is important to document and stimulate creativity with a good deal of books, and a graphic and photographic research. The study is not limited to the commissioned works, but continuous daily fed by a sincere passion for art and graphics.

Inventiveness and design.

I love to study a assignment from its beginning: to discuss with the Customer which targets to achieve, what kind of idea he has in mind, which image the Customer wants to obtain. I like to create illustrations for posters, book covers, or events. I made a lot of fashion accessories in the first agencies where I worked. I also designed various packaging, invitations, arrangements showcase ... if you want to look at my portfolio contact me for a chat!

Papers, materials, finishes and bindings.

The support is a very important part of the graphic design and often support marks the way of graphic design. If the material used is the starting point of a project, the right finish enhances and completes the work. In my work I used papers, plastics, textiles, raw materials, wood and plexiglass: prints, serigraphs, reliefs and various processes are countless.

Still-life photography.

By necessity, I learned to take photographs; I have refined the technique with the help of professional photographers with whom I worked: currently I'm quite prepared for the realization of still-life photo in studio or location.

Post-production and development of digital negatives.

At the same time with photography I started and improved the right work-flow for the development of digital files: acquisition with Lightroom or Capture One software, optimized work-flow and post-production with Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Accuracy and punctuality.

I learned to how to manage the Customer from the preliminary stages of a project, to go with him to the execution phase.

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